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No company launches a project because they want their organization to be the same when it’s complete. Companies launch projects to create transformational change that enables them to grow, and provide better more profitable goods and services to their communities. We are all in a #RaceToSustain customer infatuation. Winning the race requires that we can respond quickly to opportunities provided by new technology, ever-changing customer expectations, and competitive threats. 120VC exists to enable our clients to complete their Transformation Projects efficiently and cost-effectively with near 100% user adoption on day 1. We dramatically improve our clients change readiness, their ability to immediately respond to market opportunities and threats, and connect with their customers. We are a Project Portfolio Leadership & Change Leadership Consultancy that puts people first. We understand that innovation and leadership are fundamentally about change, and change is about people. We are a truly human organization.

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Authorized Training Partner

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Colleen Scott
+1818 8428041
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11601 Wilshire Blvd 5th FL,
Los Angeles, CA 90025. USA

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