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Process Mapping and Flowcharts Certification (Accredited)


This Process Mapping Specialist course is accredited by the internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service (Provider No: 14627, Certificate No: A029014-14).

The AIGPE™ Certified Process Mapping Specialist demonstrates the ability to create several types of Process Maps for his/her business. They can define what a process map is and why is it used? They demonstrate the ability to use various process mapping symbols and employ best practices to create thoroughly detailed process maps. They can create the process map on PowerPoint and process mapping software(s) such as

Each certification candidate must:

  1. Go through the AIGPE™ Process Mapping Specialist Certification Training and
  2. Pass an examination that consists of multiple-choice questions that measure comprehension of the Body of Knowledge.

Want to become a Process Mapping Specialist? If so, you've come to the right place!

This Process Mapping Masterclass is a Specialization program that provides you a practical perspective of creating Process Flowcharts and Swimlane Diagrams. This is one of the best Process Mapping courses available online that not only helps you understand the concepts of creating a process map and a swimlane diagram but also helps you do realistic examples and activities in a step-by-step manner. The structure of this Process Mapping Masterclass allows you to understand how to easily apply your knowledge and skills in your work environment. This in-turn helps you get the desired visibility in your organization resulting in career growth and a positive impact on your salary.  This Process Mapping Specialization not only adds the Process Mapping qualification to your skill set but also provides you an opportunity to enhance your resume helping you stand out in this competitive world.

By choosing this Process Mapping Masterclass, you are enrolling the most in-depth, beginner to intermediate level Process Mapping Specialization programs.

What would you get after taking this Process Mapping Masterclass program?

  • Get a Process Mapping Specialization
  • Master the art of creating Process Flowcharts and Swimlane Diagrams
  • Complete several real-life examples and activities
  • Learn to draw process maps on Powerpoint and an online software
  • Get access to 40+ downloadable pdf(s)

This course is for absolute beginners in Process Mapping. If you already have a know-how of creating process maps, this course is NOT for you.

This course is very well structured:

  • The course length is over 2 hours
  • You become an expert in creating process maps and swimlane diagrams
  • These concepts are explained in over 11 sections; Each section is dedicated to a specific process mapping concept
  • These concepts are taught in more than 95 lectures
  • Each lecture covers bite-sized information; easy to grasp and apply
  • Each lecture consists of a video screencast
  • Each section is well rounded with:
    • A section objective discussed at the beginning
    • Then the concept discussed at length
    • Then examples are discussed to review concepts from a practical perspective
    • This is followed by either an activity or a quiz
    • Each section ends with an apt summary
  • Each activity is supplemented with specific instructions
  • Each activity has a subsequent video lecture discussing the activity solution for self-review
  • The training presentation used in every lecture is provided as a downloadable pdf
  • Some students prefer to get a consolidated pack of training presentation. That is provided too in the last lecture of this course. There are over 40 downloadable files
  • You are also taught to create process maps on online softwares. So you gain expertise of this software

No Prior Experience Needed

This Process Mapping Masterclass assumes that you have no prior process mapping background. With over 2 hours of on-demand video, over 95 lectures, over 40 supplemental resources and several activities, these comprehensive tutorials cover everything you'll ever need to become a Process mapping Specialist.

Whether you want to:

  • Get an in-demand Process Mapping Specialization
  • Get freelancing assignments and work from home, setting your own schedule and rates
  • Sharpen your process improvement skills
  • Simply bring your own ideas to life with your process mapping skills

...this complete Process Mapping Masterclass is exactly what you need, and more.

What are you waiting for? Enroll today and become a Process Mapping Specialist!!!

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