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MG Rush

MG Rush Structured FAST Professional Leadership, Facilitation, and Methodology Training


Our courses provide training in leadership, facilitation, and methodology skills through a structured technique.  Our curriculum is NOT about singing Kum Bay Yah.  The MG Rush technique accelerates information gathering, drives meeting results through disciplined analysis, and improves the quality and transparency of decision-making.  The technique is intensive, well-rounded, and targeted for today's fast paced, process-driven business and ever-changing environments.  As you may know, it is NOT for the faint of heart. The MG Rush curriculum is often used to make fast track employees more valuable and to help experienced employees rediscover their passion that adds new value.  The approaches and tools reflect the modern organization: distributed, electronic, and multi-cultural, with a heavy emphasis on communications quality and project management excellence. Our classes include significant “hands-on” practice and video-recording coupled with individualized instructor critiques.  Typically, about one-quarter of every class is instruction, one-quarter is demonstration, and one-half is student practice. Numerous applications of curriculum and tools can be found at our FAST Facilitation Leadership Monthly newsletter site:

 Practical Benefits

MG Rush provides the most comprehensive structured meeting and workshop technique available.  Students learn new methodologies, develop new skills, amplify existing skills, obtain valuable feedback from the instructor and other students, and immediately use what they learn.

Our technique is actively practiced in multi-national enterprises and other companies and organizations across industries and government because we help refine the ownership of decisions, plans, and requirements by supporting:

  • Analysis and presentation of business requirements that integrate with policies (WHY), rules (WHAT), and procedures (HOW)
  • Business agility, architecture, holistic decision-support, product development, process improvement, and program alignment
  • Capacity building for nonprofits, NGOs, and management support organizations
  • Clear and traceable assumptions, preferences, and decisions
  • Coherent communication among participants, project, steering, and dependent teams
  • Fewer omissions as initiatives accelerate with increased clarity and reduced uncertainty
  • Increasing the consciousness, competence, and confidence of participants
  • Ownership and follow-up by invested participants rather than appointed session leaders
  • Popular deliverables including gap analysis, planning of all sorts, prioritization with six levels of increasing complexity (and appropriate tool for each), and team and project charters
  • Project and portfolio management approaches that demand consensus-based prioritization
  • Various application environments such as AGILE, DMAIC, JAD, Kaizen, Kanban, Lean, LeSS, RUP, SAFe, SAP, Scrum, SDLC (waterfall), SOA, and XP
  • Work products like Daily Stand-ups, Kick-offs, Innovation and Creativity Sessions, Logical Models, Look-backs, Product Backlogs, QFD, Requirements Gathering, Retrospectives, Reviews, Root Cause Analysis, SIPOC, Stand-ups, Use-Cases, and User Stories

Delivery Methods: Live In-Person

40.00 PDUs
Talent Triangle
Technical 16.00 Leadership 14.75 Strategic 9.25

MG Rush

FAST Fundamentals Structured Facilitation Training
MG RUSH Structured Fundamental Facilitation Training strengthens leadership skills to prepare project leaders, analysts, and managers to improve the quality of projects and team contributions. Here is an excellent foundation for those who find themselves in meetings much of the week and for whom the value of meetings and team performance is critically high. The curriculum is robust, well-rounded, and targeted for today’s fast paced, process-driven business change environments. Structured facilitation training is proven to substantially improve leadership skills, resulting in more productive of meetings and workshops. Methodology and leadership skills are essential to productivity given the three constraints of time, cost, and scope. Initiatives require and benefit from group activities that plan, decide, analyze, and extract high-quality information in a compressed time. This technique instructs individuals to develop clear deliverables, superior problem-solving skills, and consensus-based decisions.

Delivery Methods: None, Live In-Person

28.00 PDUs
Talent Triangle
Technical 12.00 Leadership 6.25 Strategic 9.75

MG Rush

Structured Agile Facilitator Training
Structured Agile Leadership, Facilitation, and Methodology Duration: 2.5 days plus preparation and evening assignments Audience: Session leaders (facilitators) who lead meetings for individuals and teams to make more informed decisions, prioritize challenging issues, consensually agree upon action plans, and build structured deliverables. Prerequisites: Organizational skills coupled with an understanding of business problems and politics, components of a business, and a level of comfort working with a group of people. This course provides detailed training on HOW TO run effective meetings and structured workshops that build meaningful, high-impact deliverables. HOW TO Lead focused discussions, keep meetings on track, and get everyone to contribute rather than doing who knows what on their mobile devices.Manage conflict, problem people, dysfunctional behavior, and mitigate political resistance.Prevent meeting scope creep and extended ramblings unrelated to your meeting objectives and deliverable.

Delivery Methods: Live In-Person

20.00 PDUs
Talent Triangle
Technical 8.00 Leadership 5.00 Strategic 7.00
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