The Neal Whitten Group, Inc.

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The Neal Whitten Group, Inc.


The Neal Whitten Group offers a wide range of svcs including trning, speaking , consulting, and mentoring. Project Mgmt, Mgmt and Employee development training are available through workshops and other offerings that can be customized to address specific needs. Neal is a presenter and keynote speaker at conferences, seminars, workshops and special eventsluncheonsdinners. Subjects include personal performance, project mgmt, and leadership. Areas of consulting include performing project reviews, assessing project planning, tracking and problem mgmt practices, facilitating post-project reviews, conducting on-site open-door consulting for project leadersmembers, assessing effectiveness of project organizational structure, and performing softwareIT project mgmt trouble shooting. The Neal Whitten Group provides mentoring to project managers and employees in leadership positions. Mr. Neal Whitten is a graduate of the University of Florida.

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Mr. Neal Whitten


2791 Bud Black Rd,
Auburn, AL 36879. USA

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