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MG Rush


MG RUSH Professional Facilitation Training prepares team and project leaders, analysts, managers, and executives to make the most of critical projects and decisions. This course provides an excellent foundation for those who find themselves in meetings most of the week. Regardless of position, the course is intended for those that spend a considerable portion of their time, or for whom the value of workshops and team performance is critically high. The course is intensive, well-rounded, and targeted for today’s fast paced, process-driven business change environments. Expert facilitation is proven to dramatically increase productivity of workshops, of meetings, any group setting, and within teams. Facilitation skills are essential to work within the three constraints of time, cost, and scope. Projects require and benefit from group activities to plan, decide, analyze, and extract high-quality information in a compressed time. Our structured facilitation technique guides individuals and teams to develop clear deliverables, superior problem-solving skills, and consensus-based decisions. Expert facilitation is also an effective management style. Facilitation skills support a modern, collaborative leadership style. Facilitative management bridges the cross-cultural as well as cross-functional aspects of organizations. The FAST technique uses an interactive approach built on nearly thirty years of facilitation training and also practical experience in a wide range of industries, situations, and group types.

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