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1stOnly Talent®


1stOnly Talent® positions itself as an entity whose mission is to promote the development and the strategic value of talent, especially in areas where there is great need to develop competent people and knowledgeable of the latest techniques and tools to be used by organizations. Through our team with extensive experience in many sectors of activity, we operate in various training areas, particularly in the areas of organizational management, specialized marketing, project management, based not only on technical knowledge but also with strong emphasis on behavioral area. We support all of those who want to get recognized professional certifications and potenciate its operations, as well as all organizations wishing more than manage resources, ensure sustainability and business success through the development of its employees as sources of innovation, change and improvement organizational.

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Global Provider

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Dr. Jose Angelo Pinto
[email protected]


FirstOnly, Ltd. (NIF 508442974), Avenida de Berlim,
Lisboa, Lisboa 1700-056. PRT

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Av. Hoji Ya Henda, Nº 47º 2º Andar, Esq.,
Luanda, Luanda AGO
[email protected]

Av. Ahmed Sekou Toure, 2671 R/C,
Maputo , Maputo 4114. MOZ
[email protected]